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Student Data Trackers that Develop Ownership and Motivation

Empower your students in their learning, step back, and watch them thrive.

Student Data Trackers help students develop ownership, motivation, and a growth mindset. After all, how does a student know where they are and where they need to be unless we give them the tools to engage in their data.

Research confirms that educators in schools with a focus on learning promote a strong sense of self-efficacy in students. It also shows that one of the greatest factors of student motivation and engagement is data tracking.

WIN Time Student Success Tracker™ is a tool that will empower students in self-tracking, goal setting, and reflection.

DATA Success Trackers

1. Data Success Trackers help students self-analyze data and set growth goals. #embracelearningforall
2. Data Success Trackers help teachers select the appropriate resources, instruction, and assessments for each student.
3. Data Success Trackers are the perfect tool for student led conferences.
4. Data Success Trackers provide evidence of student learning. #focusonresults

About the Trackers

Each individual student has their own data tracker book. It comes printed to save you the time of copying and organizing all the pages. Since the books are bound just like a book or magazine, pages will not never be misplaced.  Printed on 8x11; 38 pages; book printed format

The goal is to have students take accountability for their mastery of the standards.

Student data folders are a wonderful way to keep students involved in their learning and to encourage them to be responsible for understanding their own strengths and weaknesses.

Students truly benefit from data tracking because they have a voice in their learning and can understand and work toward success. Parents also benefit from the use of this tool as well and become more engaged in their child's education as they hear their child share their goals and academic progress during student led conferences.

Data folders are more than just a collection of charts and graphs. They are perfect vehicles for students to truly own their learning.


The Student Success Trackers can be ordered on #Amazon.  They will be shipped to your doorsteps and ready to implement immediately.  


Order Here (Printed and Full-filled shipped directly to you)


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Create Engaging Graphics and Reports in Minutes

 Create stunning graphics to make your reports, slide deck, social media, and your dashboards come alive with real-time data.  

The process couldn't be any easier either.  Simply sign up for INFOGRAM and connect your data to begin building charts and graphs.  For me, I connected our Google Spreadsheet to it, and my charts will automatically auto-populate with the data.  As we update the Google Spreadsheet my charts will also update.  

Take a look.

1.  I started with Google Sheets which we update throughout the day.

2.  Within a few minutes of creating my account in INFOGRAM I had my first chart created.  You can brand all graphs, charts, and slide decks with your logo.  

3.  When the charts were complete, I added the infographic to our district's website.  You can simply do a link or embed the code.  (NOTE: If you need the data to automatically update, this requires the paid version.)  


Interactive charts and maps can add depth and intrigue to any article, presentation, or website. 

Simply publish your project, copy the HTML code provided, and paste it into the text editor of your CMS or the space provided by the tool you’re using. Here is how I shared my interactive charts online.


Slides is a place for creating, presenting and sharing slide decks – built perfectly for online interactivity. Begin by creating a new slide deck. Click to add an ‘iframe’ element from the editing menu. Then copy and paste Infogram’s fixed embed code into the box on the top left. Your Infogram chart will appear right in front of you.


We all know teaching maps, charts, and graphs is essential for all subjects.  Students struggle to interpret and accurately read charts across all subject areas.  Creating an account in INFOGRAM would allow teachers to create data for students to excel in this skill.  Infogram lets students and educators easily create charts, maps, and infographics for free. 

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The Fire Within You

Recently, I traveled to 5 National Parks in the United States for our 2021 summer vacation. We absolutely love visiting National Parks.  

This picture was taken at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.  This week of travel helped me to detach  from school life and the business of running Principal Principles.  The hubs and I had great conversations.  One of which is the inspiration behind this blog post. 

As we traveled through a forest area we noticed that a fire had taken place many years earlier.  The land was beginning to show life of new pine trees.  This is when the hubs reminded me of the story of pine cones.  The leader that I am immediately connected the pine cone story to us as school leaders.

Fires are important to vegetation. Some pine trees produce what scientists call a serotinous pine cone. Resins hold the scales of the cones tightly closed with the seeds inside, and they can remain in the crowns of the trees for 30 to 50 years. Without fire, the seeds would likely never be released.

Once fire burns through the resin the cone opens up and the seeds are released.  The seeds then produce new trees.  


As leaders, we are faced with many hard times that put "heat" on us to perform. We have to be willing to go through fires. Just like pine cones, without the fire, the seeds will never be released. The fire adds value to us. 

It seems all too easy to fall victim to the circumstances and fail to lead during these times. It is at these very instances that we show what we are made of. Anyone can lead when the sky is clear and when there is no smoke on the horizon. Great leadership is not required when things go well, and conditions are perfect. Great leadership is required when challenges appear, difficult situations arise, and the team needs support and direction.

As leaders, we, too, need heat to grow. Sometimes this happens while absorbing the feel-good warmth of the sun, but more often than not, we expand and grow through difficult and painful times. The challenge is that our nature is to run from a fire because we fear the pain. We often see the pain as a problem and not a necessity or even a gift. 

On Facebook and Instagram, I recently shared this favorite quote,

  "Your greatest struggle often produces the sweetest fruit."- Principal Principles

Sometimes we need to stop and remind ourselves that the things we feel are holding us back are the things that challenge us and help us to grow.

Great leaders not only survive a difficult and heated situation, but they too are able to bring growth when a situation seems hopeless. The best leaders I know expand and grow during difficult times. 

So leaders, the next time a painful situation comes your way, and you feel the urge to turn and run, think about this- Every encounter has an outcome. It's your choice if you make that a positive experience.

When you are put to the test, stay strong and keep going. That’s how you will succeed. Tough times will never last. Tough people do.

Let the fire within you burn brighter than the the fire around you.

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Work Smarter Not Harder: Create a Google Calendar Agenda

There aren't enough hours in the day. I find myself sleeping less and eating more meals in my car than around the dinner table. Often I feel the day flying by, and by the end of the day- I can't really tell you what was accomplished. That isn't great for me or my health.  

Recently, I stumbled upon some new tech features that allow me to eliminate some unnecessary tasks.  So today, I thought I would take the time and share one with you.  I hope you find a blessing in this as I did!

So a little of my thought process in moving to this next tech feature...

I had multiple chats with other leaders, and I said many times these very words..."why does Google have Google Keep but there's not a Google Agenda?  You all know how much I use Google Keep, but I need a Google Agenda.  I'm not referring to a calendar.  I need an actual meeting agenda.  You know the agenda that lists all the items for your meetings?  That's what I need.  

Currently, I use a Google Doc to create all the agendas.  Now, I have stumbled upon SoapBox!  SoapBox takes my Google Calendar and creates an agenda that can be seen by all of the people invited to the meeting.  This is an add-on feature through Chrome.  

Let me show you how it works.

1.  Go to Chrome Web Store and Search for SoapBox

2.  Install SoapBox to your Chrome Browser.

3. Create a meeting on using your Google Calendar.

4. Click on the Add Soapbox to this meeting blue button to create an agenda.

5. The agenda will now appear and all invitees will see the agenda prior to the meeting.

Is that pretty amazing or what?  Hopefully by shifting my focus from creating a separate document for an agenda to creating built-in calendar agendas I can spend quality time on other things.  Automating some tasks will allow me to get more done.

I read this quote recently and it reminded me of this simple agenda feature that I have been using for a few weeks now.

"The counterintuitive secret to getting things done is to make them more automatic, so they require less energy."

Let me know if you love this Google Add-on and if it was a huge timesaver for you too.

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Become a Leader Others Want to Follow

Today I reflect on Principal Principles and leadership.

It's been eight years since I started this blog. I reflect on how I never realized how sharing a day in a school leader's life would help me become better as a leader. As a result of me getting better, those around me are stronger educators too. I also never dreamed of how a hobby of blogging transformed into a business and a brand. Even writing the words - business and brand- are still hard to acknowledge many years later.

This week, I sat in a conference room with some new friends who will join the Principal Principles team and help me fulfill my dreams as a leader. I finally had the courage to seek some help with my business. As you all know, I am a current school leader working a full-time job in an East Texas school district. I wake very early in the mornings to take care of the business and jump back on after school hours. It is tough to manage. So I stepped out and removed the lid I have placed on myself to seek some extra hands.  

Many of you have been with me since day one.  I still remember creating the Principal Principles Facebook Page in 2013 with just my family and friends as followers.  A year later, Principal Principles Leadership Group was opened.  The group now has over 47,000 friends networking, collaborating, and sharing everything from morale boosters, school events, and how to land an interview in leadership.   It continues to grow at a rapid pace, and I love collaborating with friends all over the world. 

A little push in your leadership can have a ripple effect with others all around the world.  That is my why I do what I do.  

No one ever achieved greatness by playing it safe. 

As a leader what does it take to become a leader others want to follow?   


Step one is realizing that you are a leader and then change the things you do and how you think. The same things that we have always done will not work forever and ever. Think like a leader. When things are going well, and student success is rising, look up to see who you can praise and reward. When things aren't going so well, determine how to communicate more clearly and ask yourself what we could do better next time which will result in a more favorable outcome.  
We must first focus on change within ourselves to create the possibility of change in others.


Your school will move in the direction of your leadership.  Think about that for a minute.  Strong leaders invest in themselves.  The greatest gift you can give yourself is also the wisest investment you could ever make.  Growing as a leader is a process.  It is so well worth it because then you can influence others to lead too.  


Be the leader that inspires others to take action.  You are accountable for the influence you have in the school's culture.  As leaders we must look at ourselves first and reflect on the contributions we make to the school.  To inspire others you must first believe in yourself. 
People follow leaders with a heart faster than leaders simply because of their title. 


Nothing irritates your campus/district staff more than constant change.  When I say change, I am referring to your behavior, your schedules, your systems, etc...  What we do consistently inspires those to follow you.  Why? Because when things are are consistent you know what's expected and what's ahead.  Surprises aren't always a good thing.

If this post has made you a better leader, you can help share it on social media.  Thank you for sharing!  If you needing some training in leadership, I have an online course that thousands of other principals and school leaders have taken.  Join the Principal Principles Leadership Course today and get 24 hour access.  

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Create a Google Dashboard for Administrators using Google Sheets

Here is a true story.  Every day, I have about 50 tabs open on my computer, and I use two search engines. Don't ask me why I use Google and Safari.  I think 100 tabs is better than 50...I guess.  As you can see how anyone with OCD would just go nuts.  That chaotic mess is me on any given day.  I started making a google hub or dashboard early in the school year, and I didn't keep that project going.  I have made it my life goal to keep this system of organization going for the remainder of the year.  I need some simplicity. 

So let me get you started on creating a dashboard for your own documents.



Feel free to use my own template in Google Sheets: Google Dashboard for School Administrators.  The icons are generic, so your titles can be easily renamed.  Every part of this file can be edited to fit your own school.  If you love the idea, please create one for your staff too.  This particular document is for all the admin in the district to access, but you can create one for teachers too.

The Google Dashboard for School Administrators link will ask you to make a copy.  This will protect my own file and protect you from sharing your files with the rest of the world to see if you accidentally start to fill my document with your own links.  



Enter the website text you wish to have quick access to.
For example, District Calendar.

Select the words to hyperlink.  "District Calendar" is selected.  Now click the hyperlink symbol.  


Open another tab and find your file in Google Drive.  Copy and paste the website url link or the google drive file url link in the link field and click apply.

I hope you have found this very helpful.  If you have questions, please let me know.  I can do a quick Live tutorial on Instagram or Facebook.

Google Dashboard for School Administrators

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Technology Tips and Tricks for School Leaders

Currently, I am snowed in enduring the massive snow storm here in Texas.  This time has given me a jumpstart on my to-do list at work and time to share items with you too.  

Texas Snow (10-12 inches)
I feel like I live in Colorado, because we have real snow not just ice and sleet.

If you aren't signed up for my newsletter, you may have missed some Technology Tips and Tricks in your inbox.  My newsletter subscription is 1x a month.  I try not to ever send more than that because I certainly don't have much time for that and people tend to not enjoy a lot of emails filling up their inbox.  

Let's take a look at my recent creations.


If you struggle making a professional powerpoint and presentation, CANVA has some amazing templates. In addition, it can be used to record!  The steps are listed above and extremely easy.  


Creating your email signature doesn't have to be difficult.  I created a document that will give you step-by-step directions on how to build your designs in CANVA and Google.  The directions work best if you add your new signature in CHROME.  


Did you know that Google Docs has a new feature for Voice Typing?  Well...it might be new for me?  I saw this feature a few weeks ago, and thought I would never use it.  I brainstormed over and over again about why this might be needed.  I feel like I am a very fast typer.  I think blogging has increased that over the years, so why would I need it?  But the more I looked into this feature, I noticed more people using it for note taking. They could listen to the presenter while the computer scripted the presentation.  It might be good to use in meetings for documenting conversations or scripting during teacher observations.

Something to note: It will not stop and form new paragraphs or end sentences unless commanded verbally to begin a new sentence or paragraph.  For more formal writing, I wouldn't recommend this.  However, I can find some use from using it and maybe you can too.

Let me know if you have enjoyed these new tech tips and tricks.  If you do, I will continue to share some each month.  

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