Bullying in School by Principal Principles

Bullying in School

Having been a principal for 6 year now I have seen bullying on my campus and worked to create a safe learning environment on my campus.  We all need to work together to stop bullying.  Here is my slogan:  STOP BULLYING.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is unwanted aggressive behavior.  The behavior is often repeated or has the potential to be repeated.  This includes physical, emotional and psychological behaviors such as threats, spreading rumors and physical contact.

Effects on Bullying

Bullying can have large emotional impacts including depression, fear and in some reported cases-suicide.  It also interferes with the student's ability to learn effectively in the classroom.  This kind of behavior in the classroom impedes not only on the student's safety but also on his/her ability to learn.

What can the school do to prevent or stop bullying?

It is everyone's responsibility to stop bullying or to prevent it from happening.  This includes teachers, administrators, parents and other students.  We need to recognize when bullying is taking place and react quickly by investigating the matter.  Bullying should be taken seriously and in a timely manner.  The school building must be a safe environment.  We must be able to create an environment where students feel comfortable seeking help and reporting cases of bullying.  

A few steps to take to prevent or stop bullying:

1.  Survey your campus by generating paper or electronic surveys.  If a student is being bullied and afraid to report it in person, a survey is a great way to get the message to the office officials.  A survey allows you to really know what kind of bullying is happening and how many cases are being unseen.  This is valuable information and should be analyzed and a well-designed plan of action implemented.

2.  Have campus assemblies that promote a Bully-Free-School.  Assemblies are a great way to gather students together and discuss a no tolerance for bullying.  Create a motto for your school.  Our school has a STOP BULLYING stop sign posted in every classroom.  Implement a safe way for students to report bullying.  For example,  bully boxes located in the halls and library where students drop a note inside the box.  This kind of system helps students to feel safe by not coming to the office in fear of being seen by other students.  

3.  Rules must be in place and followed.  Consequences for bullying must be implemented and carried through each time.  What are you school's code of conduct policies on bully?  Hang posters and slogans up around the campus reminding students that this is a No Bully Zone.

4. Train your staff and parents on what to do when they see bullying.  I recommend an investment into a bully prevention program.  This program is not only designed for students but for teachers and parents.  Weekly or monthly activities and lessons designed to address bullying should be planned.  This helps students to be reminded of the rules and consequences of bullying but also helps to prevent it from happening.

5. Support and offer guidance counseling to students being a victim of bullying.  

6.  Parents must be informed of any cases of bullying happening while at school.  Keeping parents informed is very important.  

If someone you know is a victim of bullying, report it immediately to the school principal, teacher, parent or other adult.

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