Passing the TExES Principal Exam

If you are finishing up your Master's degree and preparing to start your career as a school administrator but all you lack is passing the principal exam, here is your answer.  The book Passing the Principal TExES Examination: Keys to Certification and School Leadership was written to help educators in Texas to pass the principal TExES.  The book is based on domains and competencies provided through Texas laws and developed by the Texas State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).

What I like most about this book is that it gives you practice questions to judge your knowledge of certain topics which are down-to-earth and real life issues we all face as a principal.  Second, it provides you with a plan on how to prepare for the test and what to do each week prior to the test.

I have seen several reviews on this book and it has proven successful with several educators who are now principals in Texas schools.

Here are just a few items you will learn in this book:

1.  Communication
2.  Community Relations
3.  Values and Ethics
4.  Curriculum Planning
5.  Instructional Leadership and Management

If you are interested in purchasing this book on Amazon, here is a quick link.

About the Author

Dr. Elaine Wilmore is a former public school teacher, counselor, elementary, and middle school principal before she moved to higher education. She has extensive background in everything from Early Childhood Education to creating and leading doctoral programs. She currently serves as a Doctoral Dissertation Adviser for Nova Southeastern University. She has formerly served as a Professor, Chair of Educational Leadership, Counseling, and Foundations and as the founding Doctoral Director at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. She has previously served at Dallas Baptist University as Assistant Vice President for Educational Networking and Program Director for the M.Ed. and, again, the implementing director of the Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership.
Before that Dr. Wilmore served as Special Assistant to the Dean for NCATE Accreditation, Chair and Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), and founder of all initial Educational Leadership graduate programs at UTA including the innovative field-based and grant funded Educational Leadership UTA which received national acclaim and the Scholars of Practice program. While at UTA she also served as Director of University Program Development where she developed and was the original Chair of the Faculty Governance Committee for the College of Education. Dr. Wilmore’s respect amongst those in higher education has led her to serve as a tenure reviewer in four states and a manuscript and proposal reviewer for untold conferences and professional journals.

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