Data in Schools: Part 1

We are only three weeks into school and we have used several pieces of data.  Data is extremely important for classroom instruction and overall success of the student.  This is Part 1 of how we begin each year and what data we use.  As the year continues I will continue blogging until you get each piece of Data in Schools.

1.  Student's Cumulative Records- Each teacher has a week to review the records of each of their new students.  Teachers are looking for past performance through report cards, state assessment results, court documents and overall educational history of the student.  I recommend this be a common practice in your school.  Valuable information can be gained from simply opening the student's permanent records.

2.  Screening- Each year we begin with a formal beginning of the year reading diagnostic test.  This test includes a check in phonemic awareness skills, comprehension and fluency.  Students performing below the beginning of the year goal are placed in intervention classes.  Our reading intervention classes are taught by a certified teacher.  Students attend 5 days a week for 30 minutes each day.  Every two weeks students are monitored by a progress monitoring tool to see if skills are being mastered.  Only after 14 weeks of intervention can a student exited from intervention services.

3.  Data Folders-  My favorite!  Data folders are folders that hold all the student's progress monitoring, benchmarks and state score reports.  Data folders are used throughout the year in Data Meetings.  Students are monitored and instruction is tailored to meet their needs.  This folder follows the students each year and the teachers absolutely love them as much as I do.  The teachers can easily see the student process from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.  

Data Meeting

Data Folder

Data Meeting

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