Leadership is action, not a position

Top 10 things to know about leadership:

Quotes of Wisdom

1.  No one will deem you as a "leader" unless you earn it.  

2.  Your position does not make you a leader.

3.  People follow people.

4.  Inspire people to want to follow you as a leader.

5.  Leadership is the opportunity to serve.  Do it well.

6.  If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.

7.  People come first.  Take time for your team, employees and staff.

8.  Standards are the same for all.  Treat each fairly.

9.  Set a goal and work to achieve it.  Leaders provide the road and navigate others in the right direction.

10.  A good leader makes a difference.  Be a leader that changes the world.  Don't just be a leader for the position, but for the opportunity to influence, inspire and to leave a mark on this world.

Are you a good leader?  What qualities do you have?

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