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This summer I received a new iPad.  I have found several need gadgets, apps and accessories over the last several months.  One of my favorite things to do is to buy and read books with the iBooks app.  Apple's iBookstore has been a huge hit, with nearly 200 million downloads since it opened in 2010, while Amazon's e-reader gadget, the Kindle, was among the company's best selling products of the 2011 Christmas season.  

To download books from the iBookstore and then read them in the iBooks app you will need:

1.  Your iPad
2.  WiFi Connection
3.  An iTunes account and Apple ID
4.  A credit card

iBooks gives you access to Apple's popular virtual bookshop, iBookstore, which has been more than 700,000,000 titles downloaded so far, many of them FREE!

Once you've downloaded iBooks, open it.  The app will ask if you want to sync bookmarks across multiple devices-useful if you are reading the same book on multiple devices. For example, I could use my iPhone.   Tap on the "Store" in the top left corner to get started.

Use the buttons along the bottom of the screen to browse.  

When you've found the book you'd like to read, you can tap its cover to read a synopsis, see related titles, and read reviews.  Once you have decided to purchase the book, tap the price and then "buy book."  The book will download and your view will flip back to your library.

After downloading, you are ready to open the book and read it.  

If you have a Kindle, there is a Kindle app for iPad and iPhone which allows you to sync your bookmarks between the OS device and the Kindle.  Search the App Store for Kindle to download it for free.

iPad vs. Kindle

Not sure which to purchase?  Click on the pictures and read the reviews on each.   


The Kindle

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