What's On Your Home Screen?

A view of someone's home screen on their cellphone is like looking into their closet, purse or wallet.  It tells a story or just a glimpse into the life of the person.  

I love movies so Flixster is a must have.  For a good laugh and not in a serious mood try the PocketWhip.  With just a simple shake of the phone, it sounds like a whip.  What's not to love about that.  A great tool to fulfill my creative side is Pinterest.  I find great ideas for DIY's around the house, Hair & Beauty tips and tons of great recipes.   As you can see, I also utilize a running app, Google+, Facebook and of course Blogger.  These keep me to stay connected when I'm on the move.  

Take a picture of your home screen or tell me what you love using and what you can't live without.  

What does your home screen say about you?

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