Why Are High School Students Not Prepared for College?

The U S News-Education reports that nearly 1.7 million students took the ACT college entrance exam.  Most of these students are not prepared for college or workforce.  

More than a quarter of 2012 graduates fell short of college readiness benchmarks that ACT sets for all four subjects, and 60 percent of students tested missed the mark in at least two of the four subjects, the report states.
Students deemed college-ready in a subject have a 75 percent chance of passing a first-year college course in that area. 

Many states have taken steps to improve this by implementing the Common Core Standards and the STEM initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

What is your school district doing to insure students are prepared for college or the workforce?  

It begins with monitoring students and monitoring the instruction.  The role of the principal is to be knowledgeable about core subjects as well as overseeing that sound instructional strategies are being used.  The principal should monitor the student's performance levels through data, including district benchmarks, classroom grades, and progress monitoring results.

American students need to perform at the highest levels to compete in the job market and maintain successful careers.  In order for this to happen, they must have a solid foundation in school.  

What steps do you think we need to take to improve quality education in our schools?  Have something to say?  Share it.

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