Creative Professionals are Using Popplet

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Popplet is a great technique that can also be used in the classroom.  Popplet lets creative professionals and their teams think visually to generate new ideas and create new concepts.  You can add images, videos, photos and text onto a popplet board, share comments and invite feedback, build new links between ideas, and move information and notes around until you see things from a fresh perspective.

In Popplet, sharing allows users to make their popplet public and viewable by anyone via a URL link, whether they are a popplet user or not.  Collaborating allows you to make your popplet boards available only to specific other users, and permissions can be set to allow teammates to view and add to a popplet or to have full access to editing anything you have already created.  

Popplet makes it easy for creative professionals and design teams to use a presentation format to show creative concepts to clients, students or staff.

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