Today's Joy in the Journey

I stumbled upon this quote today and thought I should share.  I guess it hit home with me. Some times I am so focused on the end result that I can't see the joy happening all around me.  How often are we celebrating the small things in our classrooms? Are we taking time to give a student a pat on the pack and tell them we are proud of their work or some seemingly insignificant action? I am not asking for handing out awards but simply celebrating and acknowledging good things kids are doing.  How often as school administrators are we praising our staff.  

I handed out an award this week to a staff member and it made her cry.  It meant so much to hear the speech I wrote about her.  I truly meant every word.  Sometimes we all need to hear a word of encouragement.  

Take a minute of the 1440 minutes in each day to find the joy in today's journey.

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