What Successful People Do Differently

Are you fascinated by what and how successful people do what they do?  We all have someone in mind when we think of successful people.  Whether they are famous people or someone on a more personal level- they have influenced or been a role model for you to admire.  Whatever it may be, how do they do it?  What makes some people successful in life, in their career and in their relationships?  Most people I know were not born into success but rather achieved it by these simple steps.

My list of characteristics of successful people:  What Successful People Do Differently

1. Take action on decisions. 

 There is a real difference between knowing how to do something and actually doing it.  Intelligence and knowledge is useless without action.  Don't just dream about it.  Act on it.  Most often success  hinges on the very decision you need to make at that very moment.

2.  Don't over analyze with perfection.

Sometimes I'm at fault with trying to be perfect at everything.  That is just impossible.  We can get so bogged down and discouraged at the bar we set for ourselves.  We can never live up to the high standards.  Don't get me wrong by saying don't try.  Of course, I will try my hardest each day.  However, I know I can't please everyone everyday.  Instead, I focus on what I can accomplish and do it well.  

3.  The right people.

Do you have the right people in your life?  Sometimes the people around you can be a stumbling block or they can be the people helping you make your way in life.  Choose the right people.  Like-minded people can make the impossible possible.  I have noticed that successful people are full of  focus and energy.  They like to mingle with other successful people.  You are the sum of the people you hang out with.  Who do you choose?  Look around you.  Who influences your life for the positive or the negative.  

These are just a few characteristics of successful people.  What's holding you back from your highest potential? Need help in  your career and everyday life?  Powerful messages found in 
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