Flip My Meeting Part 2

Part 2 of Flip this Meeting

Useful Google Tools to help flip your faculty meetings:

I will share each week tools found with Google.  This week I am sharing Google Drive.  Google Drive is simply awesome to use.  It is similar to Dropbox.

Google Drive- In Google Drive, you can create new documents, spreadsheets and presentations instantly. Work together at the same time, on the same doc, and see changes as they appear.

Create and Collaborate

Share the way you want.

You can share files or folders with anyone, and choose whether they can view, edit or comment on your stuff.

Start a discussion.

Create and reply to comments to get feedback and make files more collaborative.

Go back in time.

Google Drive tracks every change you make—so when you hit the save button, a new revision is saved. You can look back as far as 30 days automatically, or choose a revision to save forever.

Google has everything you will ever need for a meeting.   Try a Flipped meeting this time.  Have all the information disseminated to your team prior to the actual meeting. This cuts down on all the background.  A Flipped Meeting allows a group of people to get together and spend a productive amount of time making decisions and plans.  Don't waste time with your staff.  Your time and their time is precious.   Try Google Drive.

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What do you use to streamline your meetings?

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