Leadership Tools for School Principals

Leadership Tools for School Principals is a survival guide for those who are, or who aspire to be, effective school principals. Dr. Nelson Coulter leverages his many years of experience as a school principal and educational consultant, both in rural K-12 schools and in large comprehensive high schools, to provide school leaders with a tool chest of practical ideas. Coulter acknowledges that the myriad of tasks required of principals frequently overwhelms and often distracts from the primary learning-centered responsibilities of school leaders. Found in Leadership Tools for School Principals are strategies for managing documents, meetings, calendars, announcements, phone and e-mail communications, as well as ideas for instructional multi-tasking. Perhaps more important than the logistical strategies included, the book also conveys a way of thinking for school leaders that keeps them anchored to the primary objective of their work and that of their schools - the LEARNING process.

What I Learned from Nelson Coulter:
I had the pleasure of hearing Nelson Coulter speak at a seminar on October 29, 2012.  He signed a copy of the book I had won.  I will never forget these two things he said which are also found in this book.
     There are two standards I use to determine the approach I take with a faculty member who may be struggling or underperforming.  Those two standards are:
  •      Is the underperforming person able to get better (at a pace that is acceptable to me)?
  •      Is the underperforming person willing to get better (at a pace that is acceptable to me)?
Best Wishes to you Stephanie, Nelson Coulter 10/29/12

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