Staff Development on Setting Goals: GPS Activity

Growing Productive Students (GPS)

Intro:  I participated in a similar activity a few weeks ago and found the idea behind it exciting.  I tweaked the activity to fit my campus needs.  This could be used in a business  or school setting. It is very universal.  I named it GPS because of the "direction" and "map" references.  Try it out and see what you think.  We all have goals.  The goal(s) may be personal or professional.  If you do not have a goal or set goals, how do you know where to focus your energy each day?

Staff Development for setting goals:

Purpose:  To help your staff know the goals for the year.  As leaders, we are responsible for moving our staff in the right direction.  Sometimes we get off in different directions but the leader provides the road map and direction for the staff.


1.  Using about 10 sheets of paper, write a goal on each sheet of paper or Download here:

For example:
Student engagement

2. Hang these all around the room so they are spread out.

3. Ask the group to visually locate one of them as a goal they will work towards this school year. No one shares their goal until the end of the activity.

4. Everyone stands and takes 5 steps toward their goal.  While on the way they are making sure not to indicate to any other team members their goal. Now Stop.

5. A person standing closest to you will now become your team leader. This person now leads you toward their goal. This is now becomes your new goal. Reason: Sometimes other people influence us on our journey and we become sidetracked.

6. Take 5 more steps to your new goal with your partner.

7. Don’t become sidetracked this year. Know where you want to go and lead your team in that direction. Is this where you want to end up?  

8.  Set the goal for the campus.  Make sure everyone is moving toward that goal.

As the leader of your business or campus or district, it is our duty to make sure everyone is working towards the same thing.  If not, we will all end up in different places.

I ended the training with this video.  A band is under the direction of the drum major and the band director.  The school or business is under the direction of a leader.  It is the job of the leader to keep everyone in unison so we all move at the same time and in the same direction.  Enjoy the video! 

Teachers analyzing data in small groups and then present the data to the rest of the group.
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