School Emergency Go Kits

My School's Emergency Go Kits

Go-Kits are portable and contain a stockpile of essential emergency supplies.  Go Kits need to come in a backpack or container that can be easily carried out of the school in case of an emergency.  At our school, we hang it by the classroom door so they can be retrieved when an emergency requires an evacuation.

Some schools find it beneficial to have two types of go-kits:

1) office/administrative

2) classrooms

Classroom Go-Kits- (almost every item was found at our local Walmart)
1.  Student emergency contact numbers and parent information
2.  Pen/Pencil/Marker
3.  Name badges
4.  One Bottle water- to wash a minor scratch or administer medication
5.  Tarp- used to contain students by having all students remain on your classroom tarp until they are dismissed.  For example, if we were evacuated to a large field or large building, the tarp would help younger children stay contained until dismissed
6.  First Aid bag
7.  Whistle
8.  Purse size kleenex
9.  Emergency signal cards (see picture below)

Office/Administrative Go Kit - (items in a large duffle bag with rollers)
1.  All student contact numbers in large binders with a list of parents who can pick up student
2. Bullhorn
3.  Whistle
4.  Walkie-talkies (one for each office staff member including administrators
5.  Markers/Pens
6.  Multi-purpose Tool
7.  Tape
8.  School Floor plans- to be given to First Responders when they arrive.  I also recommend a Google Earth View of your building too.  

In the event of an evacuation, it is very important that you have a procedure in place for dismissing students.  If you do not have a plan, it will be complete chaos.  


Signal Response Cards

This is just a beginning of our school safety plan.  What you choose to place in your emergency kit should be based on your geographical area.  For example, in Northern East Texas, I would not place items for a hurricane.  We all just need to have a plan.  My philosophy is you either have a plan or you plan to fail.

Are you ready?  How can I make my Go Kits better?  Suggestions?


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Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Taking STAAR

Quick and Easy Reference Guide 
Accommodations for Students with Disabilities taking the STAAR 

This guides helps:
  School Administrators with the quick ease of finding the most appropriate accommodation during ARD meetings, Student Intervention meetings.

To download your copy- go to


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Excellence is not an Option...School Philosophy

Steve Jobs said, "Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected."

The idea of expecting excellence isn’t new, nor is the premise that every leader should expect excellence from his or her team. But just like everything a leader says and does, it’s not so much a matter of “what” he or she does as much as it is about “how” they do what they do.

Excellence is not an option...It's expected.  Since we all know this, why is it that we have some people in our schools not performing at their fullest potential?  

Excellence is easily recognized.  We know excellence when we see it.  We also know excellent schools when we experience them. Excellent schools are where lessons are meaningful, teachers have passion and spirit, and accomplishments are recognized, staff portray high morale and students achieve high standards.    So is you school excellent?  What's stopping your school from excellence or becoming exemplary?


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Is Your Child's School Failing The Students?

Waiting for "SUPERMAN": How We Can Save America's Failing Public Schools (Participant Guide Media)

In 2010, I was inspired by the book and video Waiting for "SUPERMAN": How We Can Save America's Failing Public Schools .  Something reminded me of this book today and I thought I would share it with you just in case you missed reading it or watched the DVD.

"Waiting for Superman'" describes (separately) the situations of five students striving (and waiting) to get a quality education, and each of their stories is followed by contributing chapters by the individuals I mentioned earlier. From different perspectives, the children's stories are fascinating, hopeful and heartbreaking.

So what can interested citizens do? Near the end of this fast-reading book there are a dozen or so pages devoted to how parents, students, educators and businesspeople can all help advance the cause of quality education. Further, for those who want to involve themselves further, there are over 30 pages of listings of web sites and organizations devoted to children, schools and progress in education.

In short, the issue at the heart of this book (and the movie) is vital to the success of our children and our country. (By the way, the movie premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and took home the Best U.S. Documentary Audience Award.) For those who want to understand the education situation better and perhaps make some contribution to improving education for all children, this book is a good first step.

What are you doing to make your school successful?  Are you willing to share with the readers of Principal Principles?

Let’s GET FIRED UP about the amazing opportunities we have everyday to make a positive impact on the lives of our students.   Get your copy of this book and video:

Waiting for "SUPERMAN": How We Can Save America's Failing Public Schools (Participant Guide Media)


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Principal Principles reaches 5000!

Today is a great day.  My blog has reached the 5000 goal.  Thanks for sticking with me and reading my blogs.  I want to share an inspirational video with you today.  Check this out.

Too many children in the world are born into lives with little or no hope. The Landfill Harmonic reveals a mind-boggling, inventive effort to change that - musical instruments made from trash. In the barrios of Paraguay, a humble garbage picker uses his ingenuity to craft instruments out of recycled materials - and a youth orchestra is born. Music arises and children find new dreams.

"People realize that we shouldn't throw away trash carelessly," says Chavez at the end of the trailer. "Well, we shouldn't throw away people either."

Thanks to all my viewers and readers that help me continue with my dreams.  Here's to 5000 more!

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Flash of Brillance: New Year New You

With the start of 2013 or any new year, thousands of people have resolutions that deal with weight loss, getting fit and being more healthy.  Why not look your best with these new shoes?  The bright Flash of Brilliance Colors are the new trend.  We all deserve to look great-even when at the gym.

My Favorite Pick:

Check out all these Colors and Fabulous Styles Here:


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