School Emergency Go Kits

My School's Emergency Go Kits

Go-Kits are portable and contain a stockpile of essential emergency supplies.  Go Kits need to come in a backpack or container that can be easily carried out of the school in case of an emergency.  At our school, we hang it by the classroom door so they can be retrieved when an emergency requires an evacuation.

Some schools find it beneficial to have two types of go-kits:

1) office/administrative

2) classrooms

Classroom Go-Kits- (almost every item was found at our local Walmart)
1.  Student emergency contact numbers and parent information
2.  Pen/Pencil/Marker
3.  Name badges
4.  One Bottle water- to wash a minor scratch or administer medication
5.  Tarp- used to contain students by having all students remain on your classroom tarp until they are dismissed.  For example, if we were evacuated to a large field or large building, the tarp would help younger children stay contained until dismissed
6.  First Aid bag
7.  Whistle
8.  Purse size kleenex
9.  Emergency signal cards (see picture below)

Office/Administrative Go Kit - (items in a large duffle bag with rollers)
1.  All student contact numbers in large binders with a list of parents who can pick up student
2. Bullhorn
3.  Whistle
4.  Walkie-talkies (one for each office staff member including administrators
5.  Markers/Pens
6.  Multi-purpose Tool
7.  Tape
8.  School Floor plans- to be given to First Responders when they arrive.  I also recommend a Google Earth View of your building too.  

In the event of an evacuation, it is very important that you have a procedure in place for dismissing students.  If you do not have a plan, it will be complete chaos.  


Signal Response Cards

This is just a beginning of our school safety plan.  What you choose to place in your emergency kit should be based on your geographical area.  For example, in Northern East Texas, I would not place items for a hurricane.  We all just need to have a plan.  My philosophy is you either have a plan or you plan to fail.

Are you ready?  How can I make my Go Kits better?  Suggestions?

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