The Highly Visible Principal

Are you a visible principal?  Being visible should be one of your primary objectives as a principal.  I regularly walk around my school each day.  I know my students and they know me.  I try to be seen each morning and greet teachers and students before school.  A principal should also be "on duty."  I schedule myself on duty each afternoon during dismissal.  I think it is valuable that students see you each morning and each afternoon before they go home each day.  As the instructional leader of the school one of the biggest areas we should focus on is being visible in the classrooms.

Nelson Coulter says in his book, Leadership Tools for School Principals, whether moving through the building or supervising an extracurricular activity, it is important that you constantly reinforce your commitment to the LEARNING process.  The principal is the lead learner of the campus.  Instruction should be top priority.  The only way to accomplish this is to know the weaknesses and strengths of the your students and teaching staff.  This can only been evident to you if you are The Highly Visible Principal.

Be the change you want the world to see.


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Great Expectations: Raising Educational Achievement

This is a great documentary about schools in Connecticut.  However, it doesn't matter which state you live in because we all have failing schools.  I wanted to share this with you so we can all pull together to close the gap for our students.  Education impacts our future, our workforce and our incarceration rate.

Addressing the achievement gap in public education, the film highlights new approaches taken by some unique schools and visionary leaders, focusing on early childhood education, improving teacher effectiveness, and turning around low-performing schools. 

Great Expectations shows us that closing the gap and turning around failing public schools is critical not only for the lives of individual students and their families, but for the future of this country.


The gap between low-income and middle- and upper-income students' scores is called the achievement gap and Connecticut's is the widest of any state in the nation. It exists in most Connecticut towns, urban or suburban, wealthy or poor. In addition, across the state, 135 schools have been labeled "In Need of Improvement" for five years or more. Closing the gap and turning around failing schools is critical not only for the lives of students, but also for the future well being of the entire state and its economy. It impacts our workforce, state budget and even our incarceration rate. This three-part series examines recommendations and best practices for closing the educational gap that threatens a generation of children and the state's prosperity in general. The documentary also looks at ways to raise achievement for all Connecticut students whatever their income status.

What are you going to do to close the gap and help our schools?  Let's make a difference together.


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Creating Greatness

A great friend of mine shared this video with me the other day.  I thought it was so inspiring.  I hope you enjoy it too.  This video is a reminder that we should be forever committed to creating greatness in people's lives.


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