Show a Child they CAN!

This time of the year teachers are beginning to count down the days of school remaining so summer vacation can begin.  Instead, let's focus on the flip side of things and see how many days of school are remaining to make a difference with a student, to inspire them, to show them they CAN and to make school fun.

This attitude came to me last week when I went on a home visit.  This child's home was not like our homes.  This home was not fit for living, including, no utilities and food.  However, the child was destined to live in these conditions each day while struggling to complete homework.  Sometimes, we are all the students have.  We are the only stability in their lives.  We are often the only ones to show them we care.

If you are counting down the days until summer, so is the student.  They may not have the free breakfast and lunch tray each day.  They may not have that smile each morning that you can provide.  Hug a child today and let them know you care.  Inspire them and make a difference today.  

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