Every Kid Needs a Champion

Rita F. Pierson, a professional educator since 1972, has taught elementary school, junior high and special education. She’s been a counselor, a testing coordinator and an assistant principal. In each of these roles, she’s brought a special energy to the role -- a desire to get to know her students, show them how much they matter and support them in their growth, even if it’s modest.

For the past decade, Pierson has conducted professional development workshops and seminars for thousands of educators. Focusing on the students who are too often under-served, she lectures on topics like “Helping Under-Resourced Learners,”“Meeting the Educational Needs of African American Boys" and "Engage and Graduate your Secondary Students: Preventing Dropouts."
"Parents make decisions for their children based on what they know, what they feel will make them safe. And it is not our place [as educators] to say what they do is 'wrong.' It's our place to say maybe we can add a set of rules that they don't know about."Rita Pierson


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Strategies to Boost Student Achievement


This last week I attended a workshop called Under-Resourced Learners: 8 Strategies to Boost Student Achievement.  It was absolutely fabulous and entertaining.  This would make a fabulous book study for your campus.

In the book: Under-Resourced Learners identifies resources all students need and delivers proven practical strategies for building up these resources for every student in every school. Teachers and administrators will find a gold mine of best practices and interventions to help embed those success strategies in their curricula, and in the minds and lives of their students. 

You'll discover new ways to: 
~Assess student resources to determine the best strategies and interventions 
~Build mental, language, relationship, and other resources into your teaching
 ~Work more effectively with parents and community representatives 
~Increase support systems for all students and their families 
~Monitor every student s progress and adjust efforts to increase student performance

About the Author

Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D. is founder of aha! Process and an author, speaker, publisher, and career educator. Recognized internationally for A Framework for Understanding Poverty, her foundational book and workshop, Dr. Payne has helped students and adults of all economic backgrounds achieve academic, professional, and personal success. As an expert on the mindsets of economic classes and overcoming the hurdles of poverty, she has trained hundreds of thousands of professionals who work with people from poverty, from educators and school administrators to community, church, and business leaders. She has presented to groups in every state in the U.S. and more than 10 countries.


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