Back to School Teacher Binders

The school year will never be easier!  I created this for my teachers on my campus for the upcoming school year.  It is going to make their life so much easier.  I'm also working on one for Principals, Administrators and Central Office in case you are interested in the Administrative version- stay tuned for that download.  Click on the pictures below to see the entire product.

 Teacher Binder Cover

Calendars for the entire school year

 Punch Card for Behavior

 Dismissal Organization Chart

Word Wall Pennants

Teaching this year will be so easy with this binder. Very cute yellow, gray and purple!

Look at all the attachments: 62 pages of attachments

1. Cover
2. Assessment and Benchmarks cover
3. Transportation cover AND organizational chart on Afternoon Dismissal - SO CUTE
4. Punch card for discipline and rewards
5. Schedule cover
6. Lesson Plans cover
7. Tutoring cover
8. My data cover
9. Parent communication cover AND Log sheets
10. My passwords list
11. Meeting Notes cover and notes pages
12. Class Roster
13. Progress Monitoring
14. Substitute Info
15. Emergency Info
16. Prof Dev cover
17.Calendar for the entire YEAR
18. Pacing Guide
19. Word WALL Pennants!!

62 PAGES in all!  Download Here

Let me know what you think!  Leave comments below.

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