Principal Stamp of Approval

Each week I get the opportunity to find great resources for my teachers on my campus.  This week I found some more fabulous finds.  I have learned over my searching that there are some really amazing teachers out there and very creative I might add.  Take a look at these great finds.  They all got the Principal Stamp of Approval!

1.  Ladybug's Teacher Files- The word "fabulous" is an understatement.  I love this blog and her products.  

2.  Amy Marshall from The Resource(ful) Teacher created Student Data Notebooks.  I love data myself.  As a principal, I find data is very beneficial. 

3.  Ginger Watkins at Ginger Snaps created these wonderful Text Feature Mini Cards!  The work and content in these are amazing.  Check out her blog.

What do you have that can earn you the Principal Stamp of Approval?  Comment below- I would love to tag it.


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Classroom Management Posters- I'm a Good Student because...

As a principal I have to admit classroom management can be a problem for some teachers.  However, I teachers that never seem to have discipline problems.  Whatever kind of teacher you may be, organization is key.  I created I'm a Good Student Because Posters to display in the classroom as a reminder of what really makes a good student.

Check these out and give me your feedback.

There are 9 posters in all.  To see all 9 click on my TpT store.



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Organization Freebie Giveaway!

You have a chance to win the Hello Newsletters Packet for your school!

These are so easy to use and perfect for your school or classroom.

Here's How to Win:
1.  Be the first 20 to be a Google+ member of Principal Principles and leave a comment in the comment box below. 
2.  Let me know the email address you want me to send it to.

I will send you the link to download your copy when the Giveaway ends on Aug 1. 



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My Favorite Pinterest Pins of the Week

Everyone that knows me knows I LOVE Pinterest.  You can get so many great ideas and then share some of your ideas too.  Who doesn't love that?  Here are a few of my favorites this week.

1.  Book I Want to Read

I plan on ordering this next week.  I think it looks great and sounds exciting.

2.  Fonts, Fonts, Fonts (I love Fonts)

My favorite font that I downloaded this week is STRAWBERRY LIMEADE!
I love it.

3.  Quote for the Week

I think it says it all.  Just what I needed to see this week.

4.  I love clothes.  I'm a clothes shopaholic!  lol

I think this is adorable.  

What are your favorite pins from Pinterest?

Check out My Pinterest Board to see More.


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Accelerated Reading-The Ultimate Resource Packet

A great accelerated reading program works best when the entire campus in involved and students are motivated.  This Campus Wide Accelerated Reading Ultimate Packet resource gets students motivated by recognizing their accomplishments.  It's organized and packed full of printables to get you started.

Download Here:
57 Pages:
1. The Millionaire's Club - Students read 1 million words and join the Millionaire's Club Wall. Students are treated with lunch at McDonald's or a local restaurant of your choice. AR reports will count the words for you.
2. Principal Wall of Fame- Students read an entire series of books and will be recognized on the Wall of Fame. For example, read the entire series of Junie B Jones. Reward students with a special treat.
3. Certificate for Millionaire's Club
4. Certificate for Principal Wall of Fame
5. Frame for Millionaire Club
6. Frame for Principal Wall of Fame
7. A list of successful rewards we are using. You can add your own. Easily customizable.
8. READING pennants
9. My Goal Tracker Bookmarks
10. Reward Bracelets to enter reward area. (entrance bracelets) So cute!
11. Point Pennants from 5 points to 200 points (Chevron Theme)
12. Name Plates for AR Wall
13. The AR Quiz Line-Up Poster and Numbers 1-24 (Students put numbers in pocket chart when they are ready to test.)
14. Ask Me What I Made on My Test ribbons! Students wear these to let everyone know they scored 100.
15. Library Cards/AR Login Pencils
16. Credit Page

Here are a few pages from the packet:

My goal of creating this packet is to get my older students reading more, to love reading and help with fluency and comprehension.  The more they read the better our results in all subjects.  It's a win-win situation.

I hope you enjoy this and get inspired too.  Share your ideas with me?  What do you have that gets students motivated.


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Parent's Guidebook- A Quick Reference Flipbook for Parents

We all get NEW parents move into the district throughout the year. They are flooded with paperwork and the stress of learning a new school district. This quick reference guide helps parents with a quick and easy flipbook with just some of the important information about our school or campus.

I only make these flipbooks or guidebooks for NEW parents moving into the district. I have a very large campus so making these for all the parents would not be practical.

I could also see a teacher using them and customizing it with their classroom information.. Each tab can be EDITED and CUSTOMIZED for your district. Just add a text box to create your own information.

Items included:
Grading & How to Check Your Child's Grades
Parent Participation
Accelerated Reading and Library
All About Homework
Attendance and Discipline
Intervention and RTI
Classroom and School Celebrations
PE, Sports, Athletics
Breakfast, Lunch and Cafeteria
Special Programs
Important Websites and School Information

This is how it works:

How do you see using this in your school?

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My Principal Planning Board

I wasn't in the mood for the typical white dry erase board in my school office so I decided to create one myself.  I used a poster frame and my favorite wrapping paper that coordinates with my office. Then I created my To-do list, Weekly Agenda, Meetings and Birthday forms on powerpoint.  

If you like it, click on the link below and download today.  I think it looks good.  What do you think?  

If you decide to download the file, please leave a comment in the comment box.  I like to know how you plan on using it too or send a picture of it.  

Enjoy- Stephanie


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Principal Stamp of Approval- Great Resources for Teachers

As a principal, I am always looking for ways to help my teachers or share great websites or blogs with them.  Here are a few great resources I found this week that I will definitely be sharing with my staff.  This is nothing new to them because I regularly send them links of my great finds.  I am kind of a "teacher nerd" and I get so excited about it all.  Funny, I know.

These all meet the Principal Stamp of Approval!  The items below would make any principal proud.
Click on the links below and go see yourself.

by Christina Bainbridge
Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge

I think these would be adorable in every classroom.

by Ashley Reed

What principal doesn't love their teachers to be organized?  I know I do.  

from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits
by Reagan Tunstall

What principal wouldn't love to see small group instruction in classrooms?  I know I love it!

One Extra Degree
by Amanda
As a principal, I love to see Writer's Workshop.  This is 172 pages of awesomeness.

Principals, what have you found that you love seeing in your classrooms?


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Phonics Posters- Mint and Coral (LOVE)

It has been a very busy week at school with scheduling, getting ready for staff development and preparing for the opening of school in August.  It seems like rush, rush, rush all the time and summer is my busiest time of the year.  Well, it ranks right up there with testing season.

We had a storm come through this morning and our electricity was off for most of the day so this is how I used my time.  I created a fabulous Phonics Packet that includes 35 anchor posters.  I love the mint and choral colors.  The theme is Birds & Branches which I believe add just the right touch.  I worked as long as my computer had power then I had to finish up tonight.

Let me know what you think of the new Phonics Packet.  I love hearing from you.

These can be displayed all year as reference or anchor posters during writing, spelling and reading instruction or while students are having independent work.

What do you think?


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School Newsletters- Say, "Hello"

Say "Hello" to your parents with these catchy "Hello Newsletters."  I'm not really a themed person so I didn't want my newsletters to be schoolish or seasonal.  All 12 can be used throughout the year at any time. 

They were created in Powerpoint and totally editable.  I will show you how to edit a PDF in powerpoint.

1.  Step 1:  Open up powerpoint and click the INSERT tab.
2.  Step 2:  Click Text Box.  Insert a text box where you want your text to appear.

Look at how cool these are:

There are 12 in all. 
To download your copy go HERE.  Please give me feed back on your thoughts.  If you have trouble editing it, just let me know and I will be glad to walk you through it.

Say Hello to your parents this year with the Hello Newsletters.

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Organized Teacher Binder with Word Wall Pennants

It's almost that time of year that teachers are dreading.  The week of staff development!  I have a campus of about 75 staff members and it is very important that I stay organized and my teachers do too. It really helps things run so much smoother.  If I prepare well, school will begin great.  To help us all stay organized is our lovely Teacher Binder.

Teacher Binder includes:
1. Cover
2. Assessment and Benchmarks cover
3. Transportation cover AND organizational chart on Afternoon Dismissal - SO CUTE
4. Punch card for discipline and rewards
5. Schedule cover
6. Lesson Plans cover
7. Tutoring cover
8. My data cover
9. Parent communication cover AND Log sheets
10. My passwords list
11. Meeting Notes cover and notes pages
12. Class Roster
13. Progress Monitoring
14. Substitute Info
15. Emergency Info
16. Prof Dev cover
17.Calendar for the entire YEAR
18. Pacing Guide
19. Word WALL Pennants!!

62 PAGES in all!


More Pictures:


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