Principal Stamp of Approval

Each week I get the opportunity to find great resources for my teachers on my campus.  This week I found some more fabulous finds.  I have learned over my searching that there are some really amazing teachers out there and very creative I might add.  Take a look at these great finds.  They all got the Principal Stamp of Approval!

1.  Ladybug's Teacher Files- The word "fabulous" is an understatement.  I love this blog and her products.  

2.  Amy Marshall from The Resource(ful) Teacher created Student Data Notebooks.  I love data myself.  As a principal, I find data is very beneficial. 

3.  Ginger Watkins at Ginger Snaps created these wonderful Text Feature Mini Cards!  The work and content in these are amazing.  Check out her blog.

What do you have that can earn you the Principal Stamp of Approval?  Comment below- I would love to tag it.

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