The Power of Data in Schools

Amazon's Book Description:
Driven by Data offers valuable tips and general guidelines about data-based methods and the difficulties surrounding the implementation of data-driven instruction. Through a CD-ROM, this guidebook provides all the tools needed to launch data-driven instruction effectively, such as an implementation rubric, meeting agendas, calendars, assessment templates, and more. Written by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, who has worked with over 1,000 schools across the nation, the book clearly shows how to maneuver through assessments and statistics. Bambrick-Santoyo offers vital tips, such as: how to create a data culture, how to run a successful data analysis meeting, how to write quality assessments, and how to deal with resistance from your teachers. The book also includes twenty case studies of high-performing schools. School leaders will find this resource useful for achieving remarkable results and immense gains, regardless of the school's background, leader, or demographic.

This is a book that is still in progress and being written by me.  I hope to get focused on it.  Unlike Santoyo's Driven by Data, I have not worked in 1,000 schools.  However, my school is successful because of data.  

My book will include:
1.  Actual data charts in a workbook format for easy implementation.
2.  Agendas and Staff meetings where data was implemented.
3.  Tips to get teachers involved in data and how it is used in the classroom.
4. Core values that are needed to create and maintain a successful school.

What suggestions to you have to include in the book?

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