Accommodations for Students with Disabilities- Quick and Easy Flipbook

If you are on my campus, you know all about this flipbook.  Every teacher has one and I use mine almost daily.  It is always with me in ARD meetings, Student Intervention Team Meetings and parent meetings.  Just yesterday I had someone ask me for a copy of it (yep in August).  I was happy to assist.  Here is a picture of what it looks like.  Look below on what is included and the assembly process.

If you are from Texas, you know all about the STAAR test and Texas Education Agency and the Triangle on TEA's website. I would spend endless amounts of time downloading all the accommodations from the triangle. I decided to create a flipchart with all the information (or the highlights) of the triangle.

Part 1 includes:

Download Here: 

Individual or Small Group Instruction
Reminders to Stay on Task
Amplification Devices
Projection Devices
Manipulating Test Materials
Oral or Signed Administration
Spelling Assistance
Math Manipulatives
Calculation Devices
Supplemental Aids
Linguistic Accommodations

Part 2 includes:

Download Here: 

Extra Time
Large Print
Math Scribe
Extra Day
Deadlines and Date Page for your notes
Font Sizes
Optional Test Procedures

Each page includes:

Description of the Accommodation
What Assessment it can be used for
Criteria needed
Decision and Documentation info
Examples of the accommodation
and Special Notes or reminders


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