Being Resilient

In my Educational Leadership magazine this month, is an article called Handle with Care.  It is written by Amy Azzam over a conversation with Maya Angelou.  She was asked How does resilience develop, and how can we instill it in others?  Resilience is obviously a good thing to have.  But some kids-impoverished kids, kids from minority groups- are repeatedly callled on to have more of it than others. 

If children are given the chance to believe they're worth something, they will work harder for you.  Don't just teach because that's all you can do.  Teach because it's your calling.  You have a responisiblity to young children.  Your responsibility is to care about them.  Be that one teacher that reached out and connected to a child.  Remember this:  Although a supportive school environment has a postitive effect on ALL children, it has an even greater effect on children who've been exposed to higher levels of risk. 

How can your school or you as a teacher best support kids this year?

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