Classroom Rules using Youtube

Every teacher knows that classroom rules are very important.  To be effective in the classroom rules need to be visible and discussed.  If you haven't heard of Whole Brain Teaching, you definitely need to visit their website.  Youtube has many great videos about how to teach each rule.  The video I 'm sharing is a first grade classroom.  However, youtube has almost every grade using Whole Brain Teaching techniques.  

I created Five Classroom Rules Posters using Whole Brain Teaching Strategies.  
This pack includes the following classroom rules:
Rule #1 Follow Directions Quickly
Rule #2 Raise your hand for permission to speak.
Rule #3 Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
Rule #4 Make smart choices.
Rule #5 Keep your dear teacher happy.

If the first video didn't grab you, see it with older students in college.  It really works.

Youtube: The power of teaching using Whole Brain Teaching.

Here is a link to some posters I made for some of my teachers.

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