How to Make Word Walls More INTERACTIVE! Part 2

Last week I wrote the following blog about Interactive Word Walls using Sticky Notes for Grades 3-4 Math.  Since then, I created Grade 2 Math and I have created more products for ELA too. Please take a minute and check them out below the math section.

Do you struggle to make your word wall interactive?  Is your word wall just a decorative item in the classroom?  I have an idea on how to get the students more involved and actively participating in creating the word wall.

Interactive Word Wall cards allows the student of the day to illustrate/define the math vocabulary word and place it on the word wall card.  The students are actively engaged and participating in the lesson.

Over 60 high frequency math content words included plus blank cards too!
Grade level 3-4

The rest of the class use their smaller cards to illustrate and define the word.  Their small cards could be used to make a math vocabulary book, flash cards or keep in their notebooks.  

Every student is participating!
The teacher is no longer creating the word wall.  

Make your word walls more engaging and get all your students participating.

Sticky notes allow you to use the cards all year long and year after year.

Math Grade 2

Reading Grades 3 and 4

                                      Reading Grades 3-4                         Grade 2 Math

I love this idea.  I hope you do too.  Enjoy- Stephanie

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