Preparing for Staff Development - Teacher Inservice 2013

Here are a few pictures from today of how I prepared for the Big Staff Development Week. Preparing for multi-presentations is time consuming and it can be difficult to keep it all straight. This is how I prepared or should I say how I'm still preparing.   I created tubs and labeled them for each day of the week.  Each tub contains all the materials for my presentations.  As you can see I'm not finished because some of the tubs are not very full.  I guess I will be pulling long hours this week and weekend.

 I labeled each tub with the days of the week.  

 All 50+ of my teachers get a tub too and a teacher binder.  The binder is used all year and contains schedules, calendars, lesson plans, etc...  The tubs are very important in the summer.  As I complete documents for them I add it in the tub.  When teachers return, they pick up the tub and carry it to their classroom.  Easy and Organized.

Here is my training room or AKA my large music room where all the training takes place.

We must have refreshments!  Water and soft drinks and a bit of chocolate too.

"You put the Fiz in our School Bizz"

"Back to School 2013 will be a Piece of Cake"

You can download the Piece of Cake label, soft drink label and water bottle label.  Just go to my previous post on Treats for Teachers.

My Presentations for next week:

Faculty Meeting-campus procedures, laws, etc...
State Accountability
Website Design (teachers are creating their class webpages)
Accelerated Reader and Math

Plus- Grade Level Meetings, Board Meeting, District Breakfast, Meet-the-Teacher, etc... about you?  What are you training on during staff development?

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