STAAR Writing Posters- Woohoo!

These writing posters are a great display in the classroom.  On the STAAR assessment (both narrative and expository), there are three dimensions of quality that are used in evaluation:

1.  Organization & Progression of the Essay
2.  Development of Ideas
3.  Use of Language and Writing Conventions

The student friendly rubric and posters I designed are a visual for the students on what a 1 star essay looks like and what a 4 star essay includes.  Students should become familiar with the expectations for high-quality writing in each genre.  The Rubric and Posters are a great way to introduce the criteria for each kind of writing to them.

4 Narrative Essay Posters

4 Expository Essay Posters

Click on the link here to get a copy today for your classroom.  They are located at my TpT store.

Here is a look at the NARRATIVE rubric.

Let me know what you think of these.  I've included how to use the posters and rubric in the packet.  Over time, and with conversation and feedback, students will begin looking for the same characteristics that the teacher is looking for in their own essays.

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