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My 1 week off this summer 

Everyone thinks summer is relaxing and a time to chill or kick back.  However, I'm here to clear that misconception up right now.  LOL! Summer ranks right up there with state testing. Busy, busy and more busy for a principal.  You would think since teachers and students aren't on campus it would be easier.  Well...that is a good point.  However, my to-do list is so long I have to drag in a large dry erase board to keep it all straight.

Here was my summer in a glance:
Interviewing & hiring teachers, attend conference on State Accountability, create class schedules, clean out files, organize and paint my office, training and more training, place students in classes, oversee the building being cleaned, unload and unpack textbooks being delivered, create powerpoints for trainings on bullying and accountability and back-to-school staff meetings and website design training, PDAS for teacher appraisals, create new safety plan, campus improvement plans, etc....  Wow, that was a lot!

I could keep going but the list would bore you to tears.

I'm looking forward to a great year.  Here are a few pictures from my office.

1.   Wall I painted in the hall.  
You can download the posters for free.

2. My table filled with teacher planners, schedules and class lists. 
Here is a link to my teacher planner.

3.  I purchased door prizes for my faculty meeting.  
We are playing Let's Make a Deal.  My powerpoints 
have videos and games throughout so all of the "blah blah" stuff 
isn't so boring.

4.  I took the time to create a Principal Planner for all my
friends and their friends and their friends friends.  LOL
It is free so download one for your principal here

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