Tips & Tricks - So excited!

This is a picture of my computer screen and how I organized my files!  LOVE

I'm super excited about this tip.  I created a slide in powerpoint and added a few doodle frames with an oh so cute gray chevron background.   I save the slide as a jpeg file and placed it in my computer as the background.  After it was uploaded,  I took all my gazillion icons and rearranged them in each frame.  I love it!

I created the steps for you in case you need to know how to do it for yourself.  

 Creating the Chevron Background:

Adding the Doodle Frames

The only thing left for you to do is changing your background screen to your new picture.  Once you have changed your background, then arrange all your icons on your desktop and categorize them.

This simple thing is making my life so much easier! 

Enjoy- Stephanie

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