Reading Makes You Feel Good

I'm happy to share a children's book with you today. It is called Reading Makes You Feel Good by Todd Parr.


A little about the book: 

Reading Makes You Feel Good will inspire and encourage young children to delight in the joyful, rewarding experience of reading. With Todd Parr's trademark bright, bold pictures and silly scenes, kids will learn that reading isn't something that just happens at school or at home-it can happen anywhere! Todd shows us all the fun ways we can read- from in the library and in bed to in the bathtub and on the road. Targeted to those first beginning to read, this book invites children to read the main text as well as all the funny signs, labels, and messages hidden in the pictures.

If you don't have a copy of Reading Makes You Feel Good, you can order it at the amazon link below.   After learning about this book, I decided to create a few posters with that book in mind.
Grab a copy of the posters below by clicking on the download link.


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Sharing the Love...Freebie for Kindergarten Literacy Centers

Today is a day to share.  Link up today if you have a freebie you are also giving away today.  I will always love my kindergarten teaching days.  I decided to make part 2 of Kindergarten Literacy Centers.  Everything in Kindergarten Literacy Centers Part 2 is Free!  That's right.  I said, "free."

This set compliments the original Kindergarten Literacy Center activities.  Don't forget to take a look at that too.


Fellow bloggers-Add your link up below.


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Alphabet Line and Wall Cards

I'm in love these new alphabet cards.  I'm excited to share some new items with all of you today. Take a look below at the modern alphabet cards.  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

I hope you enjoy the different look of alphabet cards.  To download the set head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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One Fine Day

I decided to make another teacher binder.  When I saw this new clipart, I couldn't wait to use it.  I call this binder...One Fine Day.    There is something that makes me think about One Fine Day every time I see what Miss Tina from created when she made these designs.  Here is my creation using Miss Tina's clipart.

Look at all the attachments: 50 pages of attachments

1. Cover
2. Assessments & Benchmarks Cover
3. Special Education and IEP Cover
4. Standards
5. Transportation
6. Student Contact Info
7. My Schedule
8. Lesson Plans
9. Dismissal
10. Conferencing
11. Tutoring
12. My Class Data
13. Parent Communication
14. Afternoon Dismissal Charts
15. Passwords
16. Meeting Notes Cover
17. Meeting Notes Form 1
18. Meeting Notes Form 2
19. My Class Roster
20. Progress Monitoring
21. Substitute Info
22. Emergency Info
23. Professional Development
24. Calendar
25. Accelerated Reader
26. Pacing Guide
27. Parent Communication
28-50 Calendars for each month

50 Pages in All!  To download the One Fine Day teacher here.


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ELA Posters- And the Winner is...

Thanks for everyone who entered the contest for the ELA Strategy and Skills Posters.  Rafflecopter selected the winner this morning.  The lucky winner is:

To get a set of the fabulous posters you can check them out on Teachers Pay Teachers.  They have just become one of my top sellers since Sunday.  Grab your set today.

Congratulations to Taryn B. Trotter for winning!  A big shout out to my fellow blogger friend from School is a Happy Place.  If you haven't found her blog, check it out.

I have some wonderful ideas & plans coming up so please stick with me and following me along my journey.  Stay Tuned...


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Kindergarten Literacy Centers

Before a principal, I was a kindergarten teacher.  I used centers daily.  This gave me the flexibility to work with different groups while the rest of the class worked on literacy centers around the room. I created these for a few friends of mine so if you are interested in them is the link to download
This set includes 4 different centers.  
1.  Touch Reading center.   You can extend it by having the students record their words after they read it.  I would also add a timer in the center and have each student practice fluency with each other.
2.  Match the alphabet to the picture card.
3.  Alphabet puzzles- includes a word, letter and picture.
4.  Clip It- use a clothes pin to clip the correct sound.  

Don't forget about the giveaway today.  I'm excited to see who wins the ELA Strategy and Skill Posters.  Enter to win the posters here.

Enjoy and have a great week.  Stephanie

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ELA Posters for Reading Strategies and Skills

I absolutely love these ELA Illustrated Posters!  I use the word illustrated because I used children's literature to make a connection with the students.  The students can relate to the strategy when the book is used in the classroom during a mini lesson or in classroom discussions.
Check out the ELA Illustrated Posters here to see everything that is included.

Are you interested in winning a set for your classroom or for a teacher in your building?  If so, follow these easy steps today.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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I'm Blessed...How about you?

This week was a bit stressed.  So much to do and very little time each day to rest or even eat.  However, Friday was such a blessing.  Near the end of the day, I received a special little box from a teacher.  I was not expecting any gifts or appreciation since it wasn't my birthday or bosses day.

This small box holds such a wonderful message and bracelet.

Today, I acknowledge these 4 blessings today.
1.  I am blessed with a wonderful husband and 3 wonderful kids.
2. I am blessed with a wonderful staff of teachers.  I truly mean that.  
3.  I am blessed with wonderful friends.
4.  I am blessed to meet wonderful people around the world through this blog.  Each day I get messaged from other bloggers than leave wonderful comments that inspire me.

A special thank you to a wonderful teacher that took the time to think of me and let me know that I am a blessing to her.  

What 4 blessings can you share today?


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Five for Friday and Fabulous Finds- So funny!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and my buddy from Hoots n' Hollers today.

I have to say I love Duck Dynasty.  It has become one of my favorite shows.  I know what you're thinking...give it a try and you will be drawn to come back over and over again.

This is the famous Si from Duck Dynasty.  He is so hilarious.

This is Si from Melonheadz.  
Si without the beard and Si with beard.

Phil Robertson

Phil from Duck Dynasty created by Melonheadz
Phil is the dad and he says happy, happy, happy all the time.

Reading Dynasty packet that I created.  Check it out.

I hope you have a great Friday and it is Happy, Happy, Happy.


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What Good Readers and Writers Do

I created some word-solving strategy posters today.  The What Good Readers & Writers Do Strategy posters highlight techniques and strategies that children can easily learn to help read and write words. The most effective use of these posters would be to implement each as a mini lesson for younger students. "Teaching the Strategies" is highly suggested.

Posters included:

Sound- Good readers read or write words by thinking about the sounds.

Look- Good readers read or write words by thinking about the way they look.

Mean- Good readers can read and write words by thinking about what they mean.

Connect- Good readers can read and write words using what they know about a word to figure out a new word.

Inquire- Good readers can read and write words by using other materials to learn more about the word. I can use my dictionary.

Tell me what you think...I love hearing from you.

There are 6 posters in all.  Check them out at my TpT Store.

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Free Funny Awards!

Awards don't have to be serious and at the end of the year.  Why not have fun all year long?  Here are a few awards that can get everyone laughing.  The intent is to get everyone laughing and have a good time-never to embarrass and should only be awarded to those with a big sense of humor.  Keeping a few awards funny makes the program from being dry and boring.

These are all free.  Download here!  If you like, please leave a comment below.

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Amazing Principal Recognition Award

Ok teachers...take a minute and tell me what makes your principal so amazing.  A principal is (or should be) the ultimate instructional leader of the campus.  That means the majority of our time is or should be in the classroom or looking at data to help improve instruction.  As a principal, I try to worry and stress in private.  Teachers shouldn't have added stress on them.  I can't say I always walk around with a smile on my face but I think it is my job to protect my teachers from all the nonsense.

A great principal listens to teachers and a great principal leads by example.  I don't expect my teachers to do something that I wouldn't do myself.  A big tip for any principal is always encourage input.  Every voice should be heard and validated.

Is your principal the instructional leader of the campus and he/she does amazing things for you and your students?  If so, what are those "things" that set them apart from everyone else?  SHARE PLEASE.

Award your principal with this certificate and let him/her know you recognize a great and amazing leader.
Download the Certificate here and award your principal today.

Don't forget to tell me what makes your principal so amazing!

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