50 Shades of Stress!

I'm so glad today is Saturday and I can relax from work.  This week was so stressful.  I worked several 12 hour days.  Being a Principal, is no easy task.  I love my teachers, my students and parents on campus.  The endless amounts of paperwork and meetings is where my time seems to be devoted.  Accountability from state and federal puts so much on school administrators.  I remember when I first started being a principal I had time to go in classrooms and read books, sit and talk to teachers and even eat lunch.  I miss those days.

Blogging has helped me do something just for me.  I enjoy creating new items for my school and for my followers.  I get some sense of joy from it.  It maybe the teacher in me and I don't want to ever lose that feeling.

Here are my latest projects.  Let me know what you think.  I love hearing from you.

If you are interested in downloading Number Posters 0-20, click here.

I also created a very cute Bird on a Wire Classroom Decor Theme Packet.  I think it is adorable.

1.  Blank Labels
2.  Behavior Chart
3.  Calendar Resources
4.  Welcome Banner
5.  Table Labels
6.  Birthday Display
7.  Classroom Labels for Supplies
8. Name Plates
Over 50 Pages of Goodies!
To Download Bird on a Wire Classroom Decor Packet click Here 

Enjoy your Saturday!

Leave me some love comments today.

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