Amazing Principal Recognition Award

Ok teachers...take a minute and tell me what makes your principal so amazing.  A principal is (or should be) the ultimate instructional leader of the campus.  That means the majority of our time is or should be in the classroom or looking at data to help improve instruction.  As a principal, I try to worry and stress in private.  Teachers shouldn't have added stress on them.  I can't say I always walk around with a smile on my face but I think it is my job to protect my teachers from all the nonsense.

A great principal listens to teachers and a great principal leads by example.  I don't expect my teachers to do something that I wouldn't do myself.  A big tip for any principal is always encourage input.  Every voice should be heard and validated.

Is your principal the instructional leader of the campus and he/she does amazing things for you and your students?  If so, what are those "things" that set them apart from everyone else?  SHARE PLEASE.

Award your principal with this certificate and let him/her know you recognize a great and amazing leader.
Download the Certificate here and award your principal today.

Don't forget to tell me what makes your principal so amazing!

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