How I Stay Organized and Manage My Time

Everyone knows (or I hope they know) that principals put in long hours.  If you are a principal and you aren't putting in long hours, I'm not sure how you get everything done.  One thing about a day in the life of a principal is that every day is not the same as the next and you can't schedule everything. Probably, 50% of our day is scheduled and the other half of the day is handling "walk-in" parents, phone calls or other situations that randomly appear.  Most of the day is go, go, go so most principals arrive early and stay late.

Here is a typical day:

All About My Daily Email

How I keep organized with teacher evaluations:  We, my assistant principal and I, are required to do 5 walk-throughs or evaluations each week.  That is a total of 10 between the two of us.  To keep up with who we are observing I have a spreadsheet.  Of course, if you know me, this is no surprise to you. My assistant principal and I get together every Monday morning and discuss the 10 teachers that are being observed for the week.  We want to make sure we don't observe the same teachers. 
I find that if I keep a log of it then I don't go to the same teachers over and over.  
 Here is my chart we use. 

I do have a notebook with different sections in it that I carry with me all the time.  It is a free download.  It comes in a female version and a male version.  Punch holes in it and put all the tabs in a notebook.  I printed it for my Superintendent and she uses it daily.  

If I could give each principal these few words of advice, it would be to handle things ONLY ONCE.  Never lay a piece of paper over to the side or skip over emails and think you will get to it later.  Things need to be handled as soon as it is received from you.  Taking care of business as soon as it arises helps cut down the clutter and chaos of trying to find it later.  

Here are my suggestions:  file it, toss it, or act on every item as soon as it comes across your desk.  

I hope you enjoyed these tips today.  See you tomorrow for more good ideas.

How I spent my Saturday- I went with my daughter to the hair salon.  

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