I'm Blessed...How about you?

This week was a bit stressed.  So much to do and very little time each day to rest or even eat.  However, Friday was such a blessing.  Near the end of the day, I received a special little box from a teacher.  I was not expecting any gifts or appreciation since it wasn't my birthday or bosses day.

This small box holds such a wonderful message and bracelet.

Today, I acknowledge these 4 blessings today.
1.  I am blessed with a wonderful husband and 3 wonderful kids.
2. I am blessed with a wonderful staff of teachers.  I truly mean that.  
3.  I am blessed with wonderful friends.
4.  I am blessed to meet wonderful people around the world through this blog.  Each day I get messaged from other bloggers than leave wonderful comments that inspire me.

A special thank you to a wonderful teacher that took the time to think of me and let me know that I am a blessing to her.  

What 4 blessings can you share today?

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