It's Traits Tuesday

I'm teaming up with my friend, Sarah, from Hoots N' Hollers for Traits Tuesday.  The 6+1 traits of writing are a big part of my 4th grade classrooms.  We spent a lot of time last school year analyzing state testing and our curriculum resources against the state standards.  After analyzing, we found areas where we could improve our instruction.  Writing Traits have always been used on our campus but we took a more closer at look at it after we found some areas of weaknesses.  All of our hard work paid off because our state scores improved and improved well in Writing.  Here are a few things I have created to help our writing scores.

After students finish a composition, they complete the rubric.  It is important that students are involved in this process.  They can see their strengths and weaknesses when they are actively involved.

I created posters for Narrative and posters for Expository texts.  Each posters shows what it takes to get a 1 star or a 4 star.  Everyone is striving for a 4 star paper.

Narrative Poster

 Expository Poster

Grading Rubric for Narrative Compositions

The "S" column in the rubric is so the students score their own paper first then the "T" is how the teacher scored it.  They need 12 points to get a perfect score of 100.  

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