One Fine Day

I decided to make another teacher binder.  When I saw this new clipart, I couldn't wait to use it.  I call this binder...One Fine Day.    There is something that makes me think about One Fine Day every time I see what Miss Tina from created when she made these designs.  Here is my creation using Miss Tina's clipart.

Look at all the attachments: 50 pages of attachments

1. Cover
2. Assessments & Benchmarks Cover
3. Special Education and IEP Cover
4. Standards
5. Transportation
6. Student Contact Info
7. My Schedule
8. Lesson Plans
9. Dismissal
10. Conferencing
11. Tutoring
12. My Class Data
13. Parent Communication
14. Afternoon Dismissal Charts
15. Passwords
16. Meeting Notes Cover
17. Meeting Notes Form 1
18. Meeting Notes Form 2
19. My Class Roster
20. Progress Monitoring
21. Substitute Info
22. Emergency Info
23. Professional Development
24. Calendar
25. Accelerated Reader
26. Pacing Guide
27. Parent Communication
28-50 Calendars for each month

50 Pages in All!  To download the One Fine Day teacher here.

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