Create a School You Love...

We all know that our jobs as educators can be hard.  The stress is felt all around campus.  New accountabilities in curriculum....meetings...etc...  Every campus teacher and administrator is more and more stressed each year with crazy mandates and we often get defeated.  However, this Sunday's message by my pastor hit home.  The message was definitely for me.   The topic was about worry and that worrying will get you no where.  He is right.  I will not be able to accomplish anything listed above through worrying.  The only thing that matters at the end of the day and our students leave our school is that we did what matters the most for our students.  Sometimes what matters the most is that we listened to a student, we smiled in our classroom, we stopped to help someone, etc...

The little things count.

Let's join together today to create a school you love to be apart of.  Let's create a school you love to be at each day.  Let's create a school you love to make a difference when you walk through the doors.

Take the "Create a School You Love..." sentence starter and finish it.  Leave a comment with your sentence.

Have a wonderful day.

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