Curriculum Resources and Instructional Strategies for Math and One Fabulous Day

Staff Development at its Best!
A glimpse into our staff development yesterday. I think it was a successful training.  In Texas, we give the STAAR assessment for state accountability.  Today, we analyzed the data and found 14 fourth grade math questions that our students struggled the most on last year.  

See below for each step:

The agenda and a baggie with all the information needed was on each table before the meeting started.  The green and purple chevron cards you see on top is for a sorting activity.  
Inside the bag are reports and accountability information.

Sorting activity:  Just looking at the item analysis and how students answered the question we sorted each question in two categories.

Category 1- Curriculum (green card)

Category 2- Instructional Strategy (purple card)

Activity:  Does the information from the reports determine that we need to use more/different curriculum resources to teach that type of question or does it determine we need to be more aligned with effective instructional strategies?

The room before the meeting.

 The teachers taking the test!  Oh boy.  I'm sure they didn't like that part too much but so many good things came out of it.  

After taking the test, my math leader worked the problem for the teachers.  She walked them step by step through each problem and discussed strategies used in a 4th grade math classroom.

The meeting was a success.  We are more aligned and understand that some questions can and should be taught with more curriculum resources.  We also know what strategies are better for each type of question.

I think we are off to a great to plan a staff development day for reading.

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