Five for Friday and Fabulous Finds

 I'm teaming up with Doodlebugs Teaching and HootnHollers with my Friday Fun Picks.  I hope you enjoy what you see today.

This is a picture from my math interventionists classroom.  On our campus, we are very fortunate this year to add math intervention classes.  The math interventionists, serve 5 to 6 students at a time.  We use several data sources to determine which students need to be served.

Some of the skills we work on right now are basic facts but we will be moving quickly to problem solving.  In Texas, we give the STAAR test and it is a very difficult test.  If you have never seen it, you can download a released test.  The state decided to think "let's make it even harder" so they added a time limit to it too.  Students have to complete a 50+ question test in 4 hours.

I am very blessed to have a strong leadership team.  These wonderful individuals plan effective lessons for the entire grade levels, analyze data, and hope grade level meetings.  I often call them mini-principals.  They are grade level leaders who put a lot of time in helping me make my school run so well.  I couldn't do this job without them.  This picture was taken on Wednesday.  We spent the morning analyzing our STAAR data and making some instructional changes based on that data.

 I hit a record this week on TpT.  My Kindergarten Literacy Centers have become by biggest selling item!  I will always love my kindergarten teaching days.  I have Kindergarten Literacy Centers Part 1 with over 50 pages of activities.  Kindergarten Literacy Centers Part 2 is FREE.  I also have another set called Kindergarten Literacy Centers Part 3.  It was just added yesterday.

50 pages to this new and wonderfully designed Teacher Binder.
The theme is:  One Fine Day

1. Cover
2. Assessments & Benchmarks Cover
3. Special Education and IEP Cover
4. Standards 
5. Transportation
6. Student Contact Info
7. My Schedule
8. Lesson Plans
9. Dismissal
10. Conferencing
11. Tutoring
12. My Class Data
13. Parent Communication
14. Afternoon Dismissal Charts
15. Passwords
16. Meeting Notes Cover
17. Meeting Notes Form 1
18. Meeting Notes Form 2
19. My Class Roster
20. Progress Monitoring
21. Substitute Info
22. Emergency Info
23. Professional Development
24. Calendar
25. Accelerated Reader
26. Pacing Guide
27. Parent Communication
28-50 Calendars for each month

Last but not least.  I have been working very hard to implement fun and rewarding Accelerated Reading Rewards.  The six weeks is ending today and we have had a wonderful turn out of students reaching their goal.  We have a Millionaire's Club and Principal's Wall of Fame.  To check out more about this, go here.  Fabulous ideas- here too.

Happy Friday everyone!  Enjoy your weekend.

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