Five for Friday

Download these coloring sheets I created.  If students get finished early with work, they can color and be inspired.  It's a win-win situation.

My new boots!  You can't live in Texas and not have a great pair of boots.  My husband ordered them for me.  They are my first pair of Frye boots.  I haven't been able to wear them this week but...I feel a good day coming soon.  Do you have a pair and do you love them?

I'm getting ready for my first presentation about how to blog!  I have been asked to sign up.  I haven't committed to it yet but just getting my thoughts down.  What do you think about this?  I really think there is a big need to teach others how to do it so we can all network with each other.  Have you presented at a conference before and how did it go?  I need help considering this proposal.  

I love Wonder Woman!  I know that's crazy but if I could be anything for Halloween it would be Wonder Woman. 

My staff gave me a fabulous gift certificate to Miss Behavin.  It is a clothing store in downtown.  I love clothes and shopping so they got me the perfect gift.  I feel like a fashionista already.  My teachers are the bomb diggity! 

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