Meet Brooke Brown

Today, it is my pleasure to spotlight a friend of mine from Oklahoma.  She has started blogging and has opened a store at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Since I began blogging, I have had the opportunity to meet so many people that I may not have ever met in person.  Our blogs found each other and I thought she would be fabulous for you to meet too.  

Brooke Brown is currently in her tenth year of teaching and has taught first, second, and third grade. Brooke teaches third grade at Roosevelt Elementary in Norman, Oklahoma. She is National Board Certified as an Early Childhood Generalist, and in April, she was honored as the 2013 Norman Public Schools Teacher of the Year. She opened her TpT store in June of this year and loves sharing her passion with other teachers! Language Arts is her very favorite subject to teach and most of her products are in support of language arts. She's either currently using or have previously used all the products in her store with her own students.

Take a look of some of her products.  And by the way, Brooke was just published in Teachers Pay Teachers newsletter.  That is a big deal and a very hard thing to do.

Click the link to read all about the Interactive Reading Journals

Click the link above to read more about Interactive Writing Journals

Brooke has earned the Principal Approved Stamp!

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