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If you are looking for valuable resources for school administration, principals and school leaders, check out pinterest.  I take the time to follow other school leaders to get great ideas.  Take a look below at all the valuable resources I have found or other school leaders on pinterest.  

This is a clip of my pinterest board called Principal Principles.  I have over 200 pins and almost just as many followers.  

How to follow a pinterest board:
1.  Go to the link Principal Principles.
2.  Click on the Follow button.

Other principal and leader boards found on pinterest.

There are tons of possibilities and resources right at your finger tips.  If you are a newbie to pinterest, all you do is click on one of the images inside the board and it will take you straight to the resource.  It's just a click away.  Join in on the fun.  Need more help...just comment below and I will walk you through it.  

Do you have a Pinterest board that you recommend me to follow?

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