Rainbow Revision

One of the best parts of my job is getting to observe in classrooms.  I enjoy this so much.  Today one of my walkthroughs took me to a 4th grade writing classroom taught by Mrs. Townsend.  Mrs. Townsend's lesson today was on revising using colored pencils.  It is highly effective and the students know exactly what to do.  Take a look...

 As you can see the first letter of every sentence is circled and the punctuation mark is circled.  The point here is that students can quickly notice back-to-back circles.
 Notice that sentence 4 in this is not yellow.  It does not support the topic sentence.  Therefore, students do not highlight it.  More about that down below...

Revising and editing doesn't have to be painful, stressful and boring any more.  As an administrator, I love seeing students engaged in the writing process.  The last step to this is to apply it to their own writings.  Everything works better when students can apply it to their own pieces of work.  Add more colors as you introduce more skills.  For example, use purple for spelling errors.

I hope you enjoyed a look into a 4th grade writing classroom on my campus.  Leave your love comments below!

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