Spelling Instruction - Saturday Share

"How do you spell...?"  How many times a day do you hear that in your classroom?  Teaching students to refer to wall cards, anchor charts along with explicit spelling instruction given during class time, students will begin to become better spellers.  I believe we shouldn't just tell students how to spell words but give them resources to refer to while in class.  This process holds students responsible to learning.

Every classroom should have anchor charts, reference cards, and various wall displays.  These are valuable to students.  The more you refer to them on the wall the more they become active learners in the classroom.

Here are a few great charts that I found for beginning spellers.  At the bottom are a few of my own resources that you can check out too.

This packet of sound and spelling cards come in two sizes.  Poster size for the wall and bulletin boards and 3x4 for small group instruction!  As you can see they have the spelling pattern, picture and word included.

What charts or resources do you use that are valuable that you can share?  Comment below and give us your link.

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