Take a look at 2nd grade Small Group Instruction with Andrea Smith

This is a glimpse inside one of my classrooms.  The teacher is Andrea Smith and she teaches 2nd grade.  She does such a fabulous job at small group instruction that I asked her if I could share it with the rest of the world.  She graciously agreed!  At her teacher table, she is working with a group of students on compare and contrast.  The graphic organizer is a Venn Diagram and they are reading a passage about spiders and insects.

Group 1 Teacher Group:  Mrs. Smith has students use highlighters to highlight the details in the story.  The students use the information to fill out the Venn diagram.

A KWL chart was posted on the wall and the rules for small group.

What is the rest of the room doing?

Group 2: This group is working on sorting Adjective and Verbs into groups and recording their answers on a chart.  You can find this activity free on Teacher Pay Teachers by The Applicious Teacher

Group 3:  This group is working on word endings.  The students sort the word and picture cards into cards and record the words on the recording sheet.  
Group 4:  This group is working on a Halloween Syllable Sort by Fabulously First.  
This product was created by Deb Thomas.  It is free at Teachers Pay Teachers.  

Group 5:  Computer Group- students practice math facts and take accelerated reading quizzes.

This is a well organized process.  Students work independently or with a partner to finish the tasks.  All materials are organized in bins.  When it is time to end small group, work is turned in and everything goes back in the bin for the next group tomorrow.  When students finish early, there is a second activity of reading a sight word reader inside the bin.  Today's activity was to use a highlighter and locate all the "long i" spelling patterns throughout the book then read the book with a partner.

I have a wonderful group of teachers and I think it is great to share some of their classrooms with my blogging friends.

A big thanks to Andrea for allowing me to take pictures today.  It is so normal for me to be in their room but I don't normally take pictures of them.  However, this year I'm blogging more and sharing my classrooms has been a big request.   I can't wait to share another teacher with you again.  So glad I'm getting a lot of feedback about this and everyone is enjoying seeing my campus in action.

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