We are being Boo-ed!

I found this idea from Sarah from First Grader At Last.  This is the first time my campus will be getting Boo-ed!  Getting Booed is a good thing.  It is all kinds of fun!  Today I started the Boo Frenzy.  I made two Halloween buckets and filled each with candy, popcorn and a soft drink.  I then ran to the classroom of one of my teachers (while she was out of the room) and placed the goody boo bucket on her desk along with the envelope.  Take a look...

 This note hangs outside the teacher's door to indicate she has been Boo-ed.  This lets everyone know she has already had a treat and to pick another lucky teacher.

This envelope holds enough "I've Been Boo-ed" door signs for each teacher.   This keeps the next teacher from having to make copies.  The directions of the Boo Frenzy is laminated on the front of the envelope.

If you head over to Sarah's blog at First Grader at Last, she has a different letter.  I tweaked it a little.  With mine, they keep reusing the same bucket.  No need to go out and buy another bucket.  I also have two going at a time.  That means I Boo-ed two teachers today.  These two teachers pick a teacher each and Boo them.  This took me very little time and little money to get started today.  The smiles on the faces are priceless and well worth it.

I can't wait to see who get's boo-ed tomorrow!

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