Don't make this Pinterest Mistake!

I love Pinterest!  Who doesn't, right?  Pinterest is a great place to score some great finds and ideas on just about anything.  However, Pinterest can be a bummer when you click on something you really like and it takes you to the wrong place or some times no where at all.  I have found a lot of bloggers and even non-bloggers making this big mistake.  I get so frustrated when I find that perfect idea and click on it and it doesn't take you there.  That frustration led me to an idea today to have a Pinterest Pin Tutorial.

Here is Pinterest 101 of how to pin:

That is how to pin correctly on Pinterest.  I hope that is helpful!


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Cyber Monday Sale...Let's Get Ready

A very big sale is happening on Teachers Pay Teachers Monday, December 2.  Head over to TpT and start your shopping list.  If you find something you like, put it on your digital wish list.

This is how you add to your wish list:
On Monday, all you have to do is go back to your wish list and purchase them!

Here is a link to my store.  Enjoy Cyber Monday...December 2.

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A Successful Christmas Party Link Up

The Christmas and Holiday party is still going on as we speak.  Yesterday, I had a Christmas and Holiday Party Link Up.  I had 62 people join me yesterday via the internet.  I think that says success!  More teachers coming today to link up.

Here is how it worked.  I created a link up of teachers around the world and they submitted their greatest holiday and Christmas resources.  They are sharing a link to their Teachers Pay Teachers Store or over to their blog.

It is still going on today.  If you are looking for FABULOUS Christmas and Holiday resources, this is a must see.  Here is the link again from yesterday.  See all the great products all in one stop.

If you have a Christmas or Holiday packet you want to share, please head over to yesterday's post and link up.

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Thanks for stopping by today.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving week.

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Christmas & Holiday Link Up- The Best of Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is here!  It is a great time to share our holiday resources in one link up.  Here is how it works:
 Share your blog with your holiday or Christmas resources
Share your url link directly to your holiday or Christmas store item

Easy Peazy!

Now grab the button below and link back to my blog.

Here are a few of my Christmas and Holiday Resources 

Literacy and Math Centers

This Christmas Center Packet is filled with 72 pages of learning and fun!

1. 24 journal prompts, KWL charts, Venn Diagrams!

2. Christmas Vocabulary Cards

3. Alphabet Match

4. Numbers and Counting using number words and place value cards

5. Addition Reindeer

6. Number words & Counting

7. Reading center- Book included- A Colorful Tree

8. Label an elf

Third and Fourth Grade

This packet is available to all my wonderful followers!
Merry Christmas


Thanks for linking up!


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Measure Maniac

Do you need a fun way to teach how to measure length and height?  Here is a new packet I created just yesterday.  It includes technology!  Check this out... Measure Maniac

QR Codes- QR stands for “quick response.” They are like barcodes. They can be scanned with an iPod, iPad, smart phone or tablet. All you have to do is search in your App Store for a QR code scanner. There are plenty of free apps to choose from.

This resource includes12 animals to measure with 12 QR codes for self-checking and a recording sheet for students.  For the teacher- I have included the answer key!  All task cards are measured to the inch or half-inch.

All you need to do is print Math Maniac and laminate and start your lesson.  This makes a perfect math center!

I also have this created in a Holiday Edition!

Looking forward to hearing your comments about these new set of math centers!


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Five for Friday and Honor to JFK

Today's post is in honor of President John F. Kennedy.  JFK said, "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."  Today I'm showing appreciation and gratitude to my fellow readers in hopes to spread a little love your way.

Our 35th President
As a Texan, it is only befitting to recognize JKF today, November 22, 2013.  It has been 50 years since he was killed while riding in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas.

Now and Then
The Hilton Forth Worth the morning of the assassination

Today, as I link up with Doodlebugs Teaching, I want to share 5 things you may not know about JFK.

Source: JFK's Last Hundred Days


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My TpT Journey

Ever thought about joining Teachers Pay Teachers or are you interested in becoming a seller?  Well, I did.  I joined and opened a store in June of this year.  It was well worth it.  More about that in a minute.  Check out this infographic about how much teachers are earning on TpT.  

To see the entire infographic and TpT Blog, click here.

Opening your own store is a lot of work.  I won't lie.  It takes time to create meaning and engaging resources that teachers will buy.  However, creating resources helps you in your classroom and can benefit you with an extra salary.

I have met some fabulous sellers and buyers over the last few months. I would have probably never met them otherwise without TpT or my blog.

My store is doing amazing!  I opened in late June and in November I have 151 fans of my store.  I have had 153 votes and almost 600 products sold.  My store has also received 4 stars by my fans. To me, that is success.

If you are interested in getting started with a store or just becoming a member, the opportunities are fabulous.  Do you need help getting started on TpT or blogging?  I can help.  Click on this link and get started today.  Teachers Pay Teachers

My "Store Window" on TpT


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Rainbow Comprehension for Young Students

This resource is just perfect for young students.  It is all teacher guided and includes non-fiction text passages.

I designed it for young students...Kindergarten-Second Grade to introduce how to find answers using Text Evidence. The questions are "right there" type questions. This means that students will not have to infer to determine the answer.

After the teacher reads the passage with the group, students will be guided to locate the answer using colored-pencils to answer the basic comprehension questions using color coding. This is what is referred to as Rainbow Comprehension.

Material needed- 4 color pencils (blue, green, yellow and red).

Simple graphic organizers are included to extend your small group lesson if needed.

Rainbow Comprehension Guided Comprehension for Young Students includes Non-Fiction stories:
1. Teacher instruction page (How to Use this Packet)
2. All about Bears
3. The Fox
4. All about Rabbits
5. Bluebirds
6. The Owl
7. Raccoon
8. All about Squirrels
9. Butterflies
10. The Hedgehog
11. Thanks and Credits

Also included: Graphic Organizers

I'm giving away Rainbow Comprehension Guided Comprehension for Young Students to a teacher today that is willing to use it in their room and give me feedback.  Please comment below if you want to be picked.  

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Where's Rudolph? Multiplication and Place Value

If you loved my Where's Rudolph Packet for Kindergarten and First Grade, I have revamped it for third.  The kindergarten and first grade set is a Follower Freebie.  If you didn't download it last week, here is the link again.  This new packet, Where's Rudolph-Multiplication, is available today on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

This is a fun way to incorporate multiple choice items using a red dry erase marker and a reindeer nose!  See what I'm talking about here.

2 digit by 1 digit
2 digits by 2 digits
Answer Key
Student Recording Sheet

Students located the reindeer with the greatest value after they solve each multiplication problem.


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My Busy Saturday & Wedding Shower

Before you start reading, this post is non-educational.  However, I hope you enjoy a little mix-up of things and a glimpse into my personal life.  
I've had a busy Saturday with a wedding shower at my house.  My niece is getting married in December and I hosted the shower.  We had a great time and enjoyed a light brunch.  

 I borrowed the chalkboard from a teacher on campus and then I got a little creative with some chalk.  As I was writing, I was happy that I never had to teach using chalk and a chalkboard.  I'm very thankful to invention of dry erase boards.
 My daughters and co-hosts.  
Bride is second from the left.  This is a cousin picture.  

Now it's time for dinner plans with the family.  See you tomorrow.

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Five for Friday

It's confession time.  I love fonts, love digital paper and love clipart... I cannot lie.  I big puffy heart them.  I look for clipart all the time.  Checkout my latest find in case you are a clipart junky hoarder too.  
They also have a store on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Here is the link to TpT Store.

Do you need help with Cause and Effect.  I follow Teaching with a Mountain View and she has these on her TpT Store.  There are 40 Fall Cause and Effect Cards included.  Students not only identify the cause and effect but generate them too.  Here's the link to Teaching with a Mountain View.    She also has Christmas Simile and Metaphor Task Cards.  These are Free and help students with Figurative Language.

I think these sound yummy.  Our high school football team (Pittsburg Pirates) are in the playoffs.  I think this would be great today or even on Saturday watching college sports.  Well...I don't really watch sports but my husband does.    Here's the recipe to Buffalo Chicken Empanadas for the sporty friends.

A rhyme buddy is when two or more words end with the same sound. They are now BFF's (best friends forever). Students will enjoy matching up "besties". I don't think you will be disappointed with this resource.

1. 9 Best Friend Sorting Mats
2. 18 Best Friend Word Card Sheets
3. Puzzle Besties
4. Recording sheet
5. Concept Rhyme Poster

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Small Group in Third Grade

Today I'm featuring a third grade teacher, Jessie Harsh.  I was in her room this week for her observation and while I was there I snapped some pictures.  Take a look at third grade small group.  

The story for the week: Dear Juno
The students picked a character from the story and drew a picture and listed the traits of that character inside the book.  

Each student that rotated to her small group table read and discussed a book.  The books chosen for each group was differentiated for their level.

A little about early finishers...
The books on the board are military service books for students to read when finished with their work.  Some students worked on research on the computer.

The teacher's husband served 13 years in The United States Marine Corp, Staff Sgt John Harsh.  He talked to the class this week about serving our country.  The students had lots of questions.  It was so great having Sgt Harsh on campus and spending time with our third grade students.  

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