An Unforgettable Gift on a Monday

I received a gift that I will never forget.  I was given the Let Me Hold You Longer book today that was truly inspirational.  It was nicely wrapped on my desk with a note attached from someone called "Anonymous."  However, I do believe I know who it is.  There are parts of the letter that give it away.  For example, allowing this teacher to come in late...I have a pretty good idea who that is.  

Let Me Hold You Longer
A little about the book and why this is such a great gift:

Karen Kingsbury created a reminder that the years of childhood fly too quickly by us.  Most of us remember and capture our children's "firsts."  Karen encourages readers to try and recognize and savor the often fleeting "lasts" - those milestones that so easily go unrecorded.

I know you can't possibly read what is on this page so I will include a little of it below.  It is so touching.

The author writes:
There are no photographs or parties when a child takes his last nap or catches tadpoles the last time.  For the most part, it's impossible to know when a last moment actually occurs.  Nothing signals a mother to stop and notice the last time her little boy runs and jumps into her arms.  Would you hold on longer if I'd known it was the last time?  And so I began to write.  Sometimes tears in my eyes, I chronicled the life of a child and all the last times we might miss along the way.  In this process, my first children's book was born Let Me Hold You Longer.

This book is a true treasure for anyone who has ever loved a child.  

If you are taking the time to read this today, please take the time to let your children know you love them.  I also hope it inspires you to show love, patience and care today for the students in your class or on your campus.  All too often, we are the only stability some children have in their lives.

November is a month of giving thanks.  I'm thankful to the anonymous person who left this wonderful gift on my desk and my own children and the 600 children on my campus.

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